E-decorating + pink + florals = A sweet makeover

When Megan emailed me and asked for a little help with decorating the oddly-shaped bedroom her two little girls share, I was very excited to get started! Megan wanted florals, basketry, more storage, sweet decorations, polka dots, and  a spacious layout for the two beds she'd already purchased. The beds, tv, and custom window treatments were staying but everything else was up for debate. Here's the before:

And here's what I suggested:

While I like the layout of the room with the beds parallel, she does have more space with the beds at an L. So for the most usable space, I'd suggest the L shape is best.

1. This looks like beige, but it has just the slightest undertone of pink so on the walls it is warm and girly without being overpowering. It's called "Wild Aster" and is from Benjamin Moore. I think painting all the walls with this would make the room feel instantly soft and welcoming.

2. This duvet is from Cath Kidston, and is reversible. You could have both beds match, or they would coordinate if one girl wanted flowers and one wanted polka dots. There are also pillows that match, but if you didn't want to spend the extra money, any pink or light green or white sheet/pillow combo would be pretty. Match any solids to colors in the floral print.

3. A basket like this one from Pottery Barn will provide extra storage for soft items like pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. You may find something similar at a flea market or other import store.

4. This isn't a purchase suggestion, just a display suggestion. Use the girl's stuffed animals on their beds and that little shelf you have by the door as decoration.  Also use this time to get rid of any toys they no longer play with or have outgrown, or anything that is damaged beyond repair or soiled.

5. This narrow dresser from Ikea will be perfect for the tv in the corner (replacing the stand it is on, and possibly removing the shelf above it). You wanted hidden storage, and I think this will help a lot with small toys and some clothes. Teach the girls now how to put away their own toys and make sure they have easy access to do so.

6. I think this tree wall decal would look great on the wall that currently has the "Amber" on it. I love the simplicity and pretty shape of the tree and they won't outgrow the design for several years.

7. I just adore these pendant flags, and I think the pastel sherbet colors will help the room not feel TOO pink! You can experiment where to hang these (use painter's tape for trials, it won't damage the paint) but I'd suggest over the curtains or over the beds. One would look great, but you could also use three and hang them sort of crisscross at varying heights in the corner above the beds for a whimsical circus look.

8. I would get two of these prints in 8 x 10, each with one of the girls' names on it. They are designed to fit IKEA frames, so I'd pick up two in the same wood color as the beds and some white mats. Then I'd hang them above each girl's bed.

I hope Megan has a lot of fun with this space! Before you know it they'll be teenagers and want to paint the room neon green and hang up posters of Zack Efron Jr., but I hope they form fond memories of their beautiful bedroom as little girls. Thanks for letting me help!

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