Meet Thisbe

I wanted to introduce a recent addition to our household, our new kitty Thisbe, the new Maggie Rose mascot!

We got her a week ago and she has already settled into life with us and has taken over the house (as cats are known to do)! This photo is of her hanging out on her new favorite perch--my desk! She loves to sit behind my computer and watch for birds outside the window. She had a vet appointment last week and they said she is a healthy two year old.

If you're thinking of getting a pet, I would encourage you to consider adopting a shelter animal. We felt good about adopting a slightly older animal instead of a kitten because they are less likely to be adopted. We also got to skip the whole litterbox training thing (whew!). We got her from the King County Animal Shelter over in Bellevue. This winter they have waived the basic adoption fee. It still cost us to get her microchipped and to get a pet license for the City of Seattle. But we even got a voucher for a free vet exam if we took her in the first week.

Both Ryan and I are really enjoying having a cat in the house. Adopting Thisbe was our Christmas gift to each other, and we're very excited to share our home with her. Please give her a warm welcome!