Dinner party

Funny when you notice a trend in your own photo resevoir. Like these tablescapes I seem to have collected. Only once I noticed them did I realize how much I long to throw a dinner party. And actually, throwing a dinner party is on my list of "25 things to do before I turn 25". And I haven't done it yet, with only 4 months left to go! When I finally get to, I'll definitely be using these photos as inspiration. I love the use of burlap and linen as tablecloths or runners, and the strong emphasis on greenery as centerpieces. Even the flowers are dominated by their greenery. And of course the grassy feel of the greens with the natural fibers of the textiles is perfectly accented by raw or reclaimed wood. A little lace adds a pretty touch, like a milkmaid with a ribbon in her hair. And the glass and silver brings a little sparkle. Because without sparkle, well your dinner party would just be dinner.

Photos from (top to bottom): Ruffled, P is for Party, Sunday Suppers, P is for Party, Sunday Suppers.