I'm sort of all over the place this week. Nothing crazy happening, just lots of little things and plans and things to accomplish that I've ended up with my head in the clouds. Rather fitting as this morning is VERY foggy in Seattle. So this is rather a hodge-podge of stuff going on. Any one else feeling this way? Since I need to establish a LITTLE order, you're getting a numbered list!

1. I love these earrings from my girl Christina's Etsy shop. Aren't they gorgeous?

2. We finally got fabric for my kitchen windows. I'll be tackling that project this weekend so stay tuned!

3. While finding the fabric last night I fell in LOVE with about 25 different patterns at Pacific Fabric (aka my new home, I think! Best place ever!)

4. Thisbe has developed an obsession with my antique rug. Not peeing on it (thank God) but flipping up one corner and playing and wrestling with it. Anyone have any suggestions to end her obsession before she snags a big hole in it? We have a cardboard box sitting on it right now, but that's not so attractive.

5. We also went to TJ Maxx last night and saw several cool home items but didn't buy anything. This is good because we've been pretty strict about not spending extra money.

6. However, I did pick up a pretty awesome chunk of rock crystal at the Fremont Market on Sunday. It's about four inches long and so far I'm planning to use it as a paperweight.

7. Office update coming as soon as I get photos taken. I haven't forgotten about it, and it's actually staying kind of clean! I have filing to do (always) but the sofa has been less magnetic for clutter, so we've made some progress!

8. The main problem with getting up at 5 is that I'm starving by 9. Yep, I eat breakfast! And my tummy is already growling. The office snack table is calling my name.

9. I've been pretty proud of myself because I learned how to do something new in Photoshop (I use Photoshop Elements). Isn't that the best feeling?

Well that's what's going on in Maggie's world today. Here, there, and everywhere. Ryan is making pasta tonight and I'm pretty stoked about that. Mmm angelhair and meat sauce. Yep, I'm definitely cruising by the snack table!