Our home office part 2

When I posted about our home office a few weeks ago, I was frustrated with clutter, an awkward layout, and organizational systems that weren't working. I'm happy to report that after a trip to IKEA and a few days of paper-sorting and hard where-to-put-this decisions, our office now looks like this:

We picked up an Expedit bookshelf from IKEA and some storage boxes to stash stuff in. My color printer/scanner/copier fits perfectly on top, and  thanks to the slimmer profile than the last arrangement, I can get to the printer without climbing over everything. I also got a to-be-filed-or-dealt-with basket from etsy vintage shop ethanollie. And do you recognize the little $3 bulletin board from Goodwill? My desk-top is clear except for the pieces that I really love or want to access very easily.

My West Elm Parson's Desk has been free and clear thanks to my new file basket, leaving room for some of my favorite little pieces including a little Eiffel Tower, notepad cube for quick scribbling, an old basket to toss change in, and a stack of magazines topped with my favorite new purchase, a rock crystal used as a paperweight. The yellow M was a gift from a blog-swap with Camila of High Heeled Foot in the Door. She picked it up at Anthropologie.

I pulled my chair back to get an "aerial view" of the office. You can see that the couch is clear and the cardboard box that was stuffed between the desk and shelf was replaced by an old nightstand and our regular B&W printer. Both pieces used to be in the corner between our two desks. Pulling it over to the other side of my desk allows more access to the drawers that hold extra paper and things like labels.

I also changed around some of the stuff on the bookshelf. While all those storage boxes were there before, I wasn't using them properly because I had arranged by aesthetics and not purpose (doh!). I moved my craft box lower because I access it often and moved my fabric swatches (in the pink suitcase) to the top since I rarely dig them out. Now it's much easier to get things back in their proper place when I pull it out. I also moved some books and binders around so they were all in the same place. The file boxes on the second shelf are from See Jane Work. They are organized by category and then alphabetical. And yep, that cord is bugging me, but the only plug over there is way on the other side of the room. Until we get a different extension cord, it stays. Luckily it's not really in the way.

Here's a closer look at the new bookshelf. You can see my vintage file box on top. Down below we have Ryan's stuff on the left and mine on the right. Not sure what Ryan's keeping in his storage box but I have fabric stashed in mine. I pulled out books that I like to reference frequently or am using at the moment and put them here to keep them handy.

So what do you guys think? On a pretty tiny budget and some brute (organizing) strength we came pretty far from this:

Are you tackling any organizing nightmares or polishing up a room that is ALMOST done? Please share!