Crystal paperweight

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that hands down the best thing to do on a Sunday in Seattle is head to the Fremont Market. This year-round farmer's market has everything from pizza, fish, and honey to shabby chic furniture, vintage clothes, and letterpress blocks. Two Sundays ago my parents were up to visit and my mom really wanted to go to the market. Since Ryan and I are being penny-pinchers right now, I only allowed myself one small purchase:

It's a hunk of rock crystal about the size of my palm. It was marked $15 and I got it for $13. That's the other great thing about the market - welcome haggling. I've always loved rocks, and I think I actually gasped when I saw it. It has great heft and texture and sparkle. The perfect little splurge. It is now crowning a stack of magazines on my desk that I flip through for inspiration.

If this piece is the kind of thing you'd love to see in your office or on a bookshelf, Anthropologie has some similar pieces. You'll just have to spend a little more going retail than sifting through junk for an hour before scoring a deal. (Note: The purple is a votive candle holder, but I think it still counts!)

Well what do you think? Could your desk use a little extra sparkle? Click on the photos to buy! Or if you're also on a budget, where is your favorite place to score a deal?