It's one of those weeks where Monday seemed to come just a little too fast. I did a lot over the weekend and had so much fun with friends... a nice break from the hermit-like weekends I've been having. But now that it's over my mood is kind of like this room above. A little dark and gloomy, a little beat (in the tired sense) but with daylight trying to peek through.

One of the reasons I love this room is that I believe it would look just as good ten years ago and probably even ten years from now. The pieces are classic. The colors are mellow and don't make too much of a statement. It's the kind of room that lasts and can really be lived in. Although the shadows are long and dark in this picture, I also think it would look great with sunshine streaming in through those windows.

In the meanwhile I'm going to treat myself to some tea, get a ton done today and go to bed early. And hopefully we'll have some sunshine peering into my mood soon. Tell me, what is your Monday-mood cure?

Photo from Ill Seen Ill Said via Remodelista.