How to wear an anorak stylishly

My girl Elizabeth commented on Monday's post asking for advice on wearing a cute fitted anorak-style jacket with every-day wear. She wanted to still feel feminine and stylish. So I whipped up a few outfits to show that it IS possible, and it all has to do with mixing and contrast. Example #1. Mix evening with daytime. Maybe you think a sequined dress is too much for day? Wrong, at least when it's toned down by casual jacket and kicks. Bring it all together with a bag that is still shiny but has a casual shape, like a cross-body tote.

Example #2. Bring color to the forefront by picking a top that contrasts with your jacket. Here I chose red. For Elizabeth's jacket, which is purple, I might choose a bright olive green or bright pink. Add a simple denim or courdory skirt and platform sandals.

Example #3. Accessories are king. With just a plain tee and straight-leg jeans with a rolled-up cuff you can have a show-stopping outfit by adding the right accessories. I started with a belt and shoe combo. I wanted a pop of color in the belt that would stand out from the color of the jacket. With the shoe you COULD go matchy-matchy but I think a glittering metallic steps it up a notch. These shoes shouldn't be strappy prom shoes. A pump or stilletto in a fun texture. To tie it all together, a mixture of bangles with metallics and the pink of the belt work perfectly.

Well Elizabeth, do you think you could find pieces like this in your closet to try out? Readers, you'll find that by thinking outside the box (the box here being: anoraks go with sweaters and pants) you will open up a whole new facet to your wardrobe. Take these specific items as suggestions and find something within your own budget!