Spring is on its way!

I don't have any photos today (many apologies) because I was a bad blogger and barely even touched my camera. I did have a great weekend though!

Friday's are off for me now (remember the whole hour-reduction business at work?) so I spent the morning/noontime running errands downtown, which I always love. It's so fun to be in the middle of the city right before lunchtime. Did some boring bank stuff, picked up a gift for my friend's bridal shower, ordered some custom mats for two small pictures (my housewarming gift to Ryan... in October... just getting around to doing this). Picked up some carnations because I was feeling too cheap to get the lovely hydrangeas.

Then surprise surprise, my friend Sara called and she was passing by on her way home from an interview south of here and she stopped by! It was such a wonderful treat to get to spend several hours walking and window shopping. And getting coffee, of course. Totally unexpected, but so fun. Then Ryan made us pulled pork sandwiches for dinner (we buy the pork already made, then make the sandwiches up with cheese and spinich, wrap in tinfoil, and get them all melty and gooey in the oven). Heaven.

Saturday I went down to Puyallup to see a friend's new house she just bought! She's in the midst of finishing up some plumbing issues that the house suffered during our severe cold-snap at the end of 2009 when the house was empty (before she got keys). So that's a bummer, but the place was already looking great. Then Ryan and I had dinner with his dad and stepmom and hung out with them for a while. Ryan got schooled in the ways of the Wii by his 8 year old sister.

Sunday was chore day and we got started on a little spring-cleaning. Ryan even pulled out the oven from the wall and cleaned behind it. I sorted papers, did some laundry, touched up some caulking in the shower... it was quite the upheaveal. Then we took a little walk around the neighborhood where we haven't really walked before (away from the stores and restaurants, haha). Everyone was out in their yards getting ready for spring. It was really such a beautiful day. I have some cool photos to go back and take for you guys. Since we were all inspired, we ended up at the RE store salvage shop in Ballard. Just to see what was there, since we don't have any tiling or building projects up our sleeves just yet. Tons of stuff though. Any Seattlites planning a remodel or diy projects should definitely check it out.

Then home again with pizza for dinner and a little meal planning and grocery shopping. Ended the night with me on my computer (writing this!) and Ryan across from me reading a book. And in my quest for a meatloaf recipe, actually read The Pioneer Woman blog for the first time and now need (NEED) her cookbook. Anyone want to send one my way? Pretty please?

It's supposed to start raining again this week but I did love this little taste of spring. What a lovely weekend. Did you do anything fun?