A tour of Queen Anne

Ryan and I definitely took advantage of the nice weather and took a walk around our (not so) new neighborhood. Since we moved in just before the rainy season started we haven't gotten a chance to explore very much. Queen Anne was my choice neighborhood when we started apartment hunting, and we totally lucked out on the place we found. Most homes are family-owned, and the families on our block and nearby take pride in their homes. So of course I took my camera.

This door had me swooning. We actually saw a lot of natural wood doors, even though the trend in blogland has been painted doors. It was nice to see the opposite done well. And that window!

Below, a neighbor's garden starts right off the sidewalk. These apple trees have been "trained" and pruned into a woven grid pattern. Can't wait to see these when they are bearing fruit!

This is one of my favorite houses on the hill (and there are a lot of gorgeous homes up here - it's one of the city's original neighborhoods, after all!). This one is historic enough to have a sign... but there was someone in the yard so we didn't get close enough with the camera to see what it said!

Someone has their rain barrel all set up and ready to go! These handy contraptions collect rainwater run-off and store it until you're ready to use it on your plants.

I love when the blossoms come out! I have about a million pictures of blossoms, but none of them convey how it feels to have them hanging heavy above you in all directions.

These gorgeous purple flowers absolutely glowed. We were drawn toward them from a block and a half away!

These folks got the memo that succulents are the plants to have.

While the neighborhood is named after a historical style of architecture and consists of mostly traditional homes, there are a few modern homes too. This one had a great orange door (and planters of bamboo out front).

Yep, I snuck a shot from up the block, because I caught a glimse of one of my heartthrobs, the Eames recliner in their stunning living room. As Ryan said, at least they know how to decorate a home like that!

Ok, one more blossom shot.

I hope you liked getting a peek at our neighborhood!