Spring forward

While we don't exactly have a huge budget for spring or summer wardrobe this year (mostly just gift cards I've been saving carefully from Christmas), I can't wait to pick up a few items and mix and match them with my warm-weather clothes that have been tucked away all winter. I think that's my favorite part of putting away seasonal clothes -- all of a sudden I have "new" things to wear! For spring while it's still a little chilly, I'm envisioning a look like this one. Simple basics with metallic flats and some color on my nails and in my bag. A cute haircut and pretty earrings go a long way too!

If you're longing for some spring duds but are low on cash (or you just don't know where to start), I'd definitely snag a copy of my pal Jill's new ebook, the Spring 2010 looks:book. For only $4 she lists wearable spring trends (with examples and sources!) and even mixes and matches them into fresh new outfits to get the most bang for your buck. Even if you only have the cash for a few new pieces, you'll get great ideas for how to mix them into your existing wardrobe. I bought mine, and you'll be seeing me sporting some of my new looks soon!

What trend (or old fave) are you looking forward to now that the weather is warming up?