With March closing up quickly and the equinox passed, it is now full grown springtime.  As a May baby, I've always loved spring. But besides my birthday, it's a lovely time of year for everyone. Take the above picture for example. Spring is the perfect time to paint something white, add crystals, harvest hydrangeas, and munch on some fruit.

Even though Seattle seems to have skipped the whole "out like a lamb" part of March, I am excited to start April tomorrow and get into the best parts of springtime.

Today, why not celebrate spring in even a small way?

1. Pick up some flowers on your way home.

2. Peruse the seed catalogs and put in your orders.

3. Read a great gardening blog like A Way to Garden or You Grow Girl.

4. Get a head start on dying eggs (and enjoy some egg salad on toast, my favorite springtime breakfast!).

5. Baby animals! Go visit cuteoverload.