Monday, Monday

This is pretty much where I'd like to be today. Big fluffly bed with a million big fluffy pillows. Maybe take a moment with some coffee in one of those yellow chairs wrapped in the cashmere throw. Sleeping the day away.

I never seem to sleep well Sunday night (I woke up at about 3 a.m. and only dozed after that with weird dreams that kept waking me up). Maybe it's the anticipation of having to wake up to an alarm in the morning. Or going back to cubicle-sitting all week.  But I usually wake up Monday still tired and more than a little cranky. Here are some of my tips for getting energized for a new week:

1. Wake up to a clean and organized morning. Friday afternoon, tie up loose ends and lay out things to tackle first thing Monday morning. At home, doesn't it help to wake up to a clean kitchen and an outfit already chosen?

2. Use a fresh-smelling soap or shower gel in the morning. It will help ease you out of sleep in a pleasant way.

3. Have a good breakfast. This could be a healthy breakfast or a treat-yourself breakfast. But have something that you enjoy - no cold, half buttered toast that you're shoving in your mouth as you run out the door. Take something portable, like a yogurt, to enjoy later in the morning if you're in too much of a rush.

4. Listen to some pump-me-up tunes. In the car, blast your "power song". On the bus or train, please use headphones. Stay-at-home moms and dads? How about while you're showering?

5. Have something to look forward to Monday night.

How do you keep from getting the Monday blues?