Gardening in Heels

Since I've had gardening seriously on the brain lately, I've stumbled across some great gardening blogs. I love reading about other people's gardens, mining their knowledge, taking notes on what tools are good and which are a waste of money. But I also love the pretty inspirational pictures. Which is where Gardening in Heels comes in. Gardening in Heels is a tumblr blog full of outdoor pictures from magazines, blogs, and photographer's portfolios. Not just one garden. Not just practical "this is what an aphid looks like" photos. Just loads of day-dream inducing images.

So if you are working on your own garden and starting to think "what's the point" or "I worked all afternoon and all I have is a box full of dirt", then pop on over and click through a few pages. You'll be energized and ready to head back out. You'll also want to build a greenhouse, a patio, get a fountain, and stomp grapes to make your own wine to serve in a grassy field under mason jars filled with tealights. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's a sample. Enjoy, my dears!

All photos seen on Gardening in Heels.