Kitchen trend

I was looking through my inspiration folders the other day and noticed a funny trend. I save all kinds of photos, but the kitchens I choose almost always have some kind of glass door cabinets. Now, realistically I would never have ALL glass cabinets. Storage is there to store things - and not all things I want to display (like Crisco, crackers, tin foil...). But I love when there is a cabinet or two, or maybe a special built-in unit, that features a few see-through cabinets. Or heck, ditches the glass all together (chicken wire, anyone?).

Yum. Now you all know what my future kitchen (once I own a home and can demo the heck out of it) will look like!

Photos from (in order): Martha Stewart, Home Sweet Home, Mark Olson as seen on Desire to Inspire, design*sponge.