Natural Style

This weekend Ryan and I had a table at the community rummage sale. It was, unfortunately, rather a bust. But it did force us to declutter, get stuff out of the house (and dropped off at Goodwill), and got us started in some spring cleaning. I have some projects that have been brewing since we moved in October. It's been a little too cold to have the windows open or to do the work outside, so the smellier projects have been on hold. Now that we've cleared some stuff out and are enjoying sunshine in our windows, I'm itching to get started. I'm tired of the dark dark dark look we've had going and am ready to change some things out for spring.

Actually, if our house could look just like this one from House Beautiful last month, I'd be a happy girl. Soft colors, natural linens, mingling woods in their au natural beauty. Sign me up.

All photos from House Beautiful.