Affordable design solutions (and a giveaway)

As a kid I had a pretty intense dollhouse and dollhouse village (made of shoeboxes) that I would constantly redecorate. If I wasn't rearranging my own bedroom, I was rearranging dollhouse furniture. Thank goodness I didn't know about demo back then! Now that I'm all grown up and have this lil ol' blog, it's so exciting to me that people actually pay me to do the same thing to their homes, only virtually. A problem room can be such a headache. Or maybe it's one of those rooms that has infinite possibilities but you just need to CHOOSE one. Those are problems I love to tackle.

Here are some of the moodboards I've done:

I had so much fun working with all three of these women on their designs. And you could be next! Check out our design packages! They are totally customized to your taste and budget, with a shopping list that can be all purchased online (some budget restrictions may mean suggestions to look for on Craigslist, etc). Having someone else sniff out the deals and find that PERFECT chair? Totally worth the money - and you get so much more!

And my girl Jackie over at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle is giving one of you the opportunity to have me design your space FOR FREE! Head over to enter the giveaway - you have one week to decide which room, determine your budget, and enter to win!