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Nautical themed bath


One trend I've been loving lately is nautical themed bathrooms. Not only can the main design elements be inexpensive, it's also versatile enough for a builder's basic type bath (like above) or a vintage  bath (like below).

Want to switch it up and try this look? It's easy:

1. Ship or sea paintings. Photos work too, but paintings add a little extra charm, don't you think? Find them on etsy or ebay.

2. Copper or brass details call to mind the dials and gauges on the bridge of a ship.

3. Navy and white stripes are a classic, but why not something a little more fun, like anchors or lobsters?

4. Since this isn't "beach" themed bath, steer clear of sand, flip flops, and palm trees. But a giant conch shell is always cool. As is natural sponge (stand alone or a group in a hurricane vase). Leave the coral for 2009.

5. Rope detail, like curtain ties, decorative trim, or a display of knots (like below).

Would you try this look? What are other nautical touches you've seen and liked?

Photos from: Middle photo from Apartment Therapy. Other photos need sourcing - do you recognize them?