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Guest posts from Melanie are my fave


My girl Melanie from You are My Fave is here to share some tip-top finds of one of MY faves - maps and globes (see my own growing collection here)! Take it away Mel! I've long loved the looks of maps and globes around the home. I remember playing the Game of Life and wanting to be the travel agent because she had a map on her wall. I also remember ditching my grandma's dolls in favor of playing with her world globe. It's kind of odd that I'm not better at geography. I still look at atlases today and utter the phrase, "What the!? That's where that's located?!" on nearly every page. Here are some of my favorite maps to incorporate as art (and educational devices) into your home.

My friend Katie just purchased this one and I nearly gasped when I saw it in person. The colors are brilliant.

A chalk board and double sided?! The only thing I'm not excited about is the price.

I'd be spending a lot of time in my child's room if I owned this. I think I need a child first though, or not.


This one is clearly awesome and shows your American pride.


Places on Earth print

This map include push pins to mark all the places you've traveled. To impress guests you could just put them up all over even if you've never been out of the country.

Incorporate your love of maps into a wedding or party by using it as the base of your seating chart.

Especially fond of one state over the other? Embroider it.


Simple yet perfect.