Birthday wish list

In ten days I will blow out the candles on the red velvet cake that Ryan has promised me and turn the big 2-5! A whole quarter of a century. Yikes. It's a long time to build up a pretty spiffy wish-list at least. Definitely not everything on this list is practical or affordable, but that's what makes it fun! Fantasy birthday wishes are the best. Especially in blog world!

I'll take two, thanks.

A stripey top goes with everything.

Perfect for jotting down my brilliant business ideas.

Because what we really need in this house is another container (Ryan just snorted).

A whole menagerie of watercolor animals.

For summer picnics.

I'm sure I could find space for two of these beauties.

For picking up bouquets and baguettes (and Beecher's cheese!) at Pike Place.

Can you tell I'm loving stripes?

A set of six.


To feed our garden.

Well this birthday girl is going to go on dreaming. Another ten days (that's May 15th!) and maybe I'll have something to show for it - although friends and family will be blessing enough. Tell me, what has been your most memorable birthday gift (given OR received)?