Pacific Galleries

In Seattle if you go antiquing, you'd be a fool to miss the gigantic Pacific Galleries Antique Mall. Think sometimes antique malls can be hokey? Not this one. Besides at least a hundred vendors with quality items, it has a giant warehouse with oversized furniture (think palace-sized china hutches and bedframes) and an auction house. It's down in SODO next to the train tracks. Local design mavens Kelley Moore and Cassandra LaValle have tooted the Pacific Galleries horn, but I (for once!) had been there before reading their recommendations. I went again a few weekends ago and snapped some pictures of my favorite vendors with my iPhone, trying to be discreet. Let's take a look!

I loved the rustic and homespun quality of this first vendor. They had some beautiful furniture pieces that looked refinished.  Of course, I'm always curious what is inside the cabinets. To my surprise, Ryan said he really liked the striped pillows! I also loved the idea of dried roses in a fishbowl or vase (see upper right of second picture).

This next vendor basically took my dream home right out of my head. I love this whole "room". It is quite lovely in person, very calming and relaxed, like the perfect island home. I wanted to buy everything. Check out that beautiful photograph in the back corner (it's a vintage picture blown up on canvas and framed). Add in linen lampshades, rustic wood, beautiful glass (they had some seaglass colored bottles in the back), that gorgeous ottoman, a basket full of linen pillows (not pictured), botanical prints, stoneware crocks, AND a globe? Be still my heart.

This guy had what I thought could be described as a "Steampunk Gentlemen's Club". Sort of sciencey in a Brits-on-safari throwback way. Yes, there was a pair of boars heads and a pair of those fabulous chairs. Could have done without the kitschy throw pillows. But just LOOK at that amazing cabinet in the back. Loved the bare lamps with Edison bulbs too.

Saw this industrial stool in another stall and had to snap a picture. Since moving our kitchen table out to the dining room, I've been looking for something to keep by our (yet to be acquired) worktable/island for me to sit at and chat with Ryan while he cooks. Been liking the stool idea. Pacific Galleries can be a great place for a good deal on a small piece of furniture like this (only $115 and likely on sale, as many of the stalls were a flat 10-25% off). Mid-century modern pieces could be found for around the same price, depending on rarity of course.

Speaking of industrial, this was another of my favorite stalls, what I fondly think of as the "laboratory vendor". The table had beautiful metal legs and was just stunning in person. The pendants had Edison bulbs. Another similar set-up was directly opposite in this large stall, as well as some laboratory type carts and stools. Here I love the mismatch but coordination of the chairs, the school lights turned into something totally cool, and the GIANT cloche. So pretty, but definitely not in my price range.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of the mammoth that is Pacific Galleries. You'll also find beautiful antique rugs down each row, coral and other shells, silverware bundles, jewelry, lots of cloches (that could be it's own post practically!) and a ton of styling inspiration. Happy shopping!

All photos by Maggie Morgan.