Spring to summer style

This weekend it was warm enough to unpack all my summer clothes from storage. Yep, I even wore shorts (for just a few hours, but still!). It was beautiful. And right away I was able to throw some of last year's summer garb into the Goodwill bag. Too small, not my taste anymore, and just-plain-worn-out was the name of the game. But some stuff (mostly shorts and tank tops and one dreamy white linen dress) survived the winter looking no worse for wear. But a wardrobe they do not make.

I have a mishmash of gift cards to use on some spring/summer clothes but I want to be really careful about how I'm spending my limited funds.  So where else to start but with some lovely inspiration photos?

(The gal on the right)

Common threads:

1. Dresses, usually  lightweight and not too formfitting.

2. Linen (much like my obsession in interiors)

3. Leather belts

4. Shoes are all over, from pumps to statement heels to gladiator sandals. Much like my closet.

5. Big bags. I'll always be a fan.

Photos from: Sartorialist (first three), 100*inspirations via People, Go Fug Yourself.