New home surprises

One of my favorite things about moving (and I love moving) is getting to know your new home. As someone who lived in the same house for most of the first twenty years of my life, a new house becoming a home is still quite the adventure for me, and I love that first year as the house reveals itself to you.

Two days ago, Ryan and I noticed a few roses when we were leaving the house. We'd seen the weird little bush before of course, and even with my limited horticultural knowledge, knew it was a rose bush. But it was kind of wobbly and wonky and we assumed it wouldn't produce. Wrong! Last night, I snapped this picture when I got home from work - it had more than five big blooms on it already. So pretty. And even better - a few weeks ago I picked up a hanging fushia basket (the flower, not the color!) and it matches the color of the roses! Without knowing they would even bloom! I think that's pretty serendipitous.

There are other things we're learning about the house. Where the floorboard squeaks are loudest. The drafty spots. The warm pockets. The proper sweeping schedule to keep our floors free of Thisbe fur (wait, we haven't QUITE figured that one out yet!). We have a big tree out front and I've been trying to get a picture of it from each season. Now that it's filling out again I love the light that comes through the leaves into our living room.

What are some of the things that make your home unique? What did you love discovering about a home that first year you lived there? What garden surprises awaited you? I'd love to hear.