Growing vegetables

It's been about a month since I gave you a garden update and my-oh-my has it been a productive one! Look at how lush it is getting!

That's our lavender peeking up at the bottom, followed by lettuce, red lettuce, mixed greens (yowza, they really took off!), spinich, and nasturtiums (which you can't see very well because they were our seed starts and are still pretty little).

In fact, tonight we had our first leafy salad from the garden! Here are the greens waiting to be washed:

I can't wait for the farmer's market in our neighborhood to start on Thursday. Soon we'll be adding fresh berries and cheese to those crunchy leaves.

And here's a little comparison of where we were last month...

To this month...

Some tips we've picked up:

1. Have a great resource handy. We love the Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles for our region. In a pinch, we call my dad.

2. Follow the spacing directions that come with your seeds or seedlings. They looked far apart when they were tiny, but now they're running into each other!

3. Watch for anything suspicious. The bottom of our pea plants have been looking a little yellow. Turns out we may have been watering them the wrong way (from up top instead of direct to the roots and soil) which can cause mildew. We're hoping to save them. I'll keep ya posted.

4. Weed roots can be DEEP. Be sure it get the whole thing or it'll keep popping up.

How have your gardens been growing? Did you start with seeds or seedlings from a nursery? Send pics too, if you want!