E-Decorating: Shannon's guest room

I was so excited to help Shannon with her guest room. Shannon and her hubby are expecting a baby this summer and the guest room needs to be ready for all the helping hands that will come to stay after the birth. She wanted the room to feel peaceful, relaxing, and stay flexible enough that grandma could one day move in. This is what we're working with:

Shannon and her belly weren't quite ready to paint the room, and she tends to like light rooms with pops of color. The main obstacles were: little no no storage (there is a dresser that was staying and that was it) and the angled roof made that entire wall hard to furnish. Shannon wanted to work with the existing (reversible to dark brown) bedding but pretty much everything else was going.

Here is my design:

(I won't go into the specific numbers right now, but if you want to know where something is from I can let you know.)

The basic idea was to bring in a color scheme that worked with the brown satin throw (the darker brown). I suggested using it to define the end of the bed, and covering the bed with a white duvet. Shannon was willing to thrift some of her purchases so I suggested finding a dresser similar to the one she has and painting them white to match, then using them as side tables. The swatch of fabric (#5) is to cover a DIY headboard - another option that she might go for is sage burlap with nailhead trim. I loved the idea of framing pressed botanicals above the bed, and adding an oversized wire basket at the foot for extra pillows. Some IKEA shelves  low enough to fit under the sloped roof will add even more storage, including the cute planter box she got at One Sweet Find.  Next to the window, Shannon will love visiting with her guests from this sweet chair, or they can use it to curl up and read a book from the thrifted glass-front bookshelves (keeps dust at bay!). Bamboo shades, a white desk/vanity, and a (super cheap!) carafe and cup will keep guest comfortable.

By focusing on thrifted furniture, Shannon will be able to stretch her budget (of around $500) even further to get those small thoughtful touches. And bonus, even her hubby liked the design!

If you're interested in getting your very own design (with full-length instructions and link list for shopping), check out our packages. We can get you started right away on the room you've been dreaming of!