Fun fundraiser

Last weekend I was excited to head down to Tacoma for a fundraiser for Stand OUT Prom - a scholarship program for Pierce County young women who plan on pursuing a career in the arts (plus they get some prom-day goodies as well!). The fundraiser was Glam Night, a whole morning of hair and makeup followed by a photoshoot with two amazing pro photographers. This time the theme was "Masquerade". The experience was absolutely amazing. Brunch, an hour of curling and pinning, an hour of eyeshadow and jewels (and for some, airbrushed decals!) all designed to make us ladies look mysterious, magical, and like we're off to the masquerade ball of the century.

Working with the photographers was so interesting because I've never worked with really seasoned professionals before. Both Julie Watts and Christy Pelland were experts at telling me how to stand, how to move, where to look, and could lure that perfect neck tilt and gaze out of me to get a great shot. As a non-model, it was very fun and not at all intimidating!

Want to see a few of my favorite shots of the day?

You can see more of the amazing shots by becoming a fan of Stand OUT Prom on facebook or by visiting the official website. If you're local - especially those in the South Puget Sound, you may want to consider donating to this cause. The directors of SOP are all local women who own creative businesses. They award a scholarship but also act as role models and mentors to the young winners, talented women in their own right. It's a great cause.

And a shout-out to some of the lovely ladies who made the day possible:

Christy Pelland, photographer (locals, BOOK HER for your wedding if by chance she is available).

Julie Watts, photographer (locals, BOOK HER TOO. A force to be reckoned with).

Ada Rosman, jewelry designer (check out her etsy shop).

Rebecca Stewart-Johnson, graphic & web designer (my graphic designer of choice and friend).

Michelle Pritchard-Anderson, owner of Chemel Salon (wonderful service, creative stylists).

All photos from: GLAM NIGHT Masquerade -