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E-decorating: New features!


For a while I've been wanting to change up the "product" that my clients get when hiring me to decorate their home via the internet. While the blog post and/or email has worked just fine, I missed the discussion part of design, when the designer can really explain the ideas and concepts behind the new look. I also hadn't ever included floor plans before, or inspiration photos. So I'm very excited to share that I've finally expanded the e-decorating to include not only the moodboard, but also a summary of what we're trying to accomplish, inspiration pictures, a design plan with floorplan, the moodboard (with shopping links emailed to you), and if requested, a variety of options on a single piece (three different desks, for example).

Each of these elements is its own page in a printable pdf, sent directly to the client before it's ever posted on the blog. I really want my clients to have something to refer to again and again as they hit the thrift stores, incorporate a new design piece, or arrange the furniture. A blog post just doesn't let you do that.

Shannon's guest room, which you saw the moodboard for, was my first chance to try out the new format. Here is a sneak peek at the different pages (the full size was a regular 8 1/2 x 11, these are shrunk down to fit the blog).

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope to continue making updates and changes to make my next design package even better. If you're willing to spend money on a design for your home, I feel like you should get the full package - a concept, a reason, and a plan for execution. That's just one way that I want to serve my customers as a designer.

Check out our full package offerings for more details!