Logo design - creating a vision

I mentioned on Friday that I've been working on a new logo and concept for Maggie Rose with a designer. I have been really anxious to move away from the bright pink (and previously bright orange accents) to a much calmer palatte that will coordinate with my now-evolved style. As with any design project, it's good (and fun) to start with collecting images that resonate with you. In logo design, these might be images that reflect how you feel about your brand, mission, style, or message. For me, I want a reader to feel right away like Maggie Rose is a special place, a calm place to slow down, relax, see beautiful images, and to feel homey and crafty.

Before I debut my new design (soon, my pets!) I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the inspiration pictures that I showed Rebecca the first time we met over brunch. Gotta love design work that happens while munching on bacon.

Do you have a favorite? How do you collect inspiration before you start a project? Tell me I'm not the only one with gobs of photos bookmarked! Seriously, I should show a screenshot of my internet bookmarks and we can all laugh at me being a crazy person because NO ONE can save that many links and remember what they are all for!

Photo credits: Mostly missing because I hadn't planned on blogging these! Lavender photo and bread photo from Roost, wedding pictures were found on 100 Layer Cake (adorable wedding blog!), and The English Department picture is from their own site. Let me know if you know of other photo credits because I'd love to link to the proper sources!