Our place: Easy bathroom makeover

Ryan and I finally got around to heading downtown to Cost Plus World Market to spend my birthday gift card from his mom. We didn't really have anything in mind when we started shopping, so we ended up with kind of a hodgepodge of things. First up, an easy little makeover for our tiny bathroom! When we moved in, we were of course combining two households of STUFF into one home with only one bathroom. We had to do some picking and choosing, and we ended up keeping Ryan's shower curtain, towel color, and got a new bathmat.

Here is what the shower has looked like since September:

Fine, right? Not out of this world amazing, but definitely ok (and I helped pick the curtain for his old place anyway, so I didn't hate it or anything). Teal blue with brown and tan stripes, from Bed Bath and Beyond.

But when even Ryan gave the thumbs up to this pretty curtain at World Market, I knew we had to upgrade:

Light blue with dark blue, red, yellow, and green floral. So much more cheerful - it really brightens up the entrance to the room, and even the hallway outside the door. Plus I knew this might be my only chance to sneak a floral into our house because usually Ryan uses his veto power.

And thanks to these awesome shower hooks (from Bed Bath and Beyond, also from Ryan's old place)...

... the old switch-eroo only took like two minutes (none of that annoying pull-curtain-and-liner-off-and-replace-both nonsense). Because they are double-sided you can remove just one or the other in no time at all. Perfect for pulling down our fabric liner for washing (we always buy fabric liners because they you can toss them right into the washing machine) or to spot treat the curtain if we get hair product on it or something. They are great!

So what do you think? We might still pick up a cheap red or blue (or green!) hand towel to tie in the colors more, but switching out a fabric shower curtain is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to change up the look in your full bath. We sure love the result! Plus, we're going to clean and store the old (but totally usable) striped curtain in case we ever want a break from the florals or if our next place has two bathrooms.

What is an easy switch you've made for big impact in decor?