Storing seeds

On the same trip to World Market as the shower curtain purchase, we also picked up this sweet little recipe box:

But we didn't have recipes burning a hole in our pocket, waiting to be copied down letter by letter onto the little cards. Oh no, we were more drawn to the cute little pea/radish/onion motif for a more, er, organic reason...

Seed storage!

We had a few random packets still hanging around that didn't get planted this spring. Using the included tabbed cards, we sectioned them off into F(lowers), V(egetables) and H(erbs). For only $8 I can finally move these slippery seed packets off my desk (and table and inbox where they've been floating to and from) and into a cool, dark place for storing. And thanks to the cute design on the box, we won't have to wonder "what is in THAT random shoebox/tupperware/milk jug" next spring. (Yes, we use old (clean) milk jugs for some storage - with a handle!).

You can find cute recipe boxes for a dollar at Michael's craft stores, or for just a few cents more at Goodwill or other thrift stores. Or you can pay quite a bit more if you're so inclined. But for $8 we felt the price and the pattern was right.

How do you store your seeds? Or if you don't have a green thumb, how have you adapted a storage item to fit your needs over the supposed use of the product?