Dear [home store that shall remain nameless],

The wrapping job on my friend's wedding gift was lovely (I especially love your logo all over it - nice touch!). Unfortunately, our kitty cat Thisbe thought that this was a gift for HER. Next to a bin and cardboard box, I can see her confusion in thinking we bought her a special kitty jungle gym. And it seems that your wrapping is not kitty proof, so I will be rewrapping.

Oh well, at least I can pick something pretty. This time.

xo Maggie

Why is that these giant stores at which SO many people (at least my age) register for their weddings cannot come up with a tasteful wrapping paper? Kind of glad Thisbe crushed everything because I was feeling bad about having to waste all that paper. So, like responsible cat parents, we took pictures instead of reprimanding her. And we let her keep the cardboard box from our Costco trip. She loves it.