Logo sneak peek

Good morning my dears! Thought you might like a teeny sneak peek at the logo (just a snippet!) which will debut on MONDAY! Sunday evening might be a little weird over here, but I thought I'd use my lowest traffic day to make some adjustments and move stuff around a little. So if you see colors changing or it looks a little different from your Saturday visit, that's why!

Here is the sneak:

I know, I am such a tease. You'll see it soon! I love it though and can't give enough props to my fabulous designer, Rebecca Stewart-Johnson! She moonlights as a photographer and is off this weekend shooting a wedding but hopefully we can all convince her to do a little Getting To Know You feature soon, because she is just the sweetest.

My newsletter also comes out on Monday, so don't forget to sign up! I've been using the new design elements and it's been so fun to see it all come together since I haven't made many changes to the blog yet. I hope you all sign up!

Have a great weekend!