Dining storage

Ok blog readers, I need a hand. See that sweet little cabinet up above? I saw this on Young House Love in one of their house-crashing tours and was immediately smitten.  It's exactly the kind of piece we want in our dining room for some of my china and serving pieces that aren't accessible in the kitchen (too high for a shorty like me). We need something petite and I love the country feeling (without any overly-sweet details). We could probably paint one white and have a pop of color inside the cabinet doors.

So my question is: When searching on Craigslist or ebay or whatever, what keywords should I use? Have you tried searching for "china cabinet" on craigslist lately? YIKES, is all I can say. How would you describe a piece like this? Hutch? Cabinet? Let me know what you think, cause we are looking for a deal!