Summer list 2010

I've been totally inspired by the summer lists that a lot of moms have been sharing on their blogs lately, so I thought I'd put together our own fun list, broken into house projects that just need to happen, and fun things that it's finally nice enough to do in Seattle.


1. Patch the floor paint under our desk chairs. Hello sliver-ville.

2. Touch up the trim-to-wall paint in the dining room where the old color is still on some of the trim from a sloppy job before us.

3. Sell Ryan's old coffeetable that has been in the basement since we moved.

4. Clean up plastic patio chairs that came with house.

5. Build/buy patio table Buy tablecloth for existing folding table in basement (decided to cut costs!)

6. Paint picture frames or swap out some pictures

7. Organize garden tools

8. Liven up our bedroom with some shams (if we can do it for cheap)

9. Refinish dining table and thrift some more comfortable chairs

10. Sell/donate old cds and dvds that Ryan weeded out MONTHS ago (I know, we're bad)

Fun non-house stuff to do

1. Go camping and get some use out of the tent we bought last year

2. Go to Gasworks Park and lay around in the sun for a full afternoon

3. Visit the Museum of History and Industry with our Entertainment Book coupon

4. Happy hour on the water at Ivar's Salmon House

5. Walk around the sculpture garden on the waterfront

6. See the gardens at the Ballard Locks (last time we were there everything was out of season)

7. Use the ice-cream maker Ryan got for his birthday (thanks Aunt Darla!)

8. Have a pastry sampling day from some of the awesome local bakeries

9. Go to a few concerts (KEXP usually has a free summer series at the Seattle Center)

10. Explore some of the neighborhoods we haven't spent time in, like West Seattle and Magnolia

What's on YOUR summer list?