Add pattern to your walls with stencils

I've seen a couple faux-wallpaper stencil walls around the blog world lately, so I thought I'd share the two that I'm loving now and the two that I loved oh-so-long-ago in 2009. From design*sponge:

From Young House Love:

And my favorite oldies: From Modern Homebody / Kelly + Olive:

And Apartment #412:

Stenciling a pattern onto your walls can be a cheap alternative to wallpaper - and for those that rent, perhaps the only option if you're looking for pattern and not just color. It's best in small doses, like in these rooms where the pattern is in a small space or accent wall. Reason being: this is not an easy process! I get tired just reading about stenciling walls!

While I don't know that we'd tackle this particular DIY (our walls are all weird textured anyway), I think it is so awesome that people are being so inventive and creative! The biggest change you can make in a room is with color, and this is a whole new take on using paint to achieve a major makeover.

What do you think? Would you take on a project like this? Modern Homebody posted pretty good instructions way-back-when if you're convinced this is for you!