Blogging buddy

Happy Monday, everyone! We're going to veer a little off-topic from our usual home and lifestyle stuff today (don't worry, will have more eye candy for you tomorrow!) to talk blogging. Specifically, the role that your spouse or partner play in your blogging career.

Or sure, even your pets!

We're probably all somewhat familiar with the more famous blogging duos (John and Sherry Petersik come to mind) and even know that some of the designers and etsy shops are husband-wife teams or that one partner does a lot of creative while the other does more behind the scenes (a la Eddie Ross and Jaithan). But I'm curious how blogging works in YOUR relationship. Is it a one-person show, or does your significant other pitch in once in a while? Do their responsibilities extend from just helping take a picture once in a while to actually writing out a post? Does hubby get a by-line?

Over here it's mostly been me (and Thisbe when she can't bear to be more than six inches away from me and the laptop). But Ryan has been doing more cooking that I'd love to feature, and took on a home project this weekend that you'll see on the blog later this week. And while he's been working only part-time lately, I can usually count on him to help research a techy question I've been too swamped to deal with, or run to Home Depot while I'm at work to get something for a project so I can start right when I get home. The other night he even helped search for barware for a little shopping feature I did for the email newsletter.

This question isn't just for bloggers, but also etsy shops - who pitches in and helps package stuff or run to the post office?

I'm curious - what role does your plus-one play in the blogging world?