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Light blue


Lately I've been loving light blue. I mean, we used it on our office AND bedrooms walls, so I've been a fan for a while. But lately I've noticed that even in small doses, a little dash of icy blue can complete a space. Like the shelves up above.

Or even outdoors, like this porch ceiling (us Northwesterners don't have this pretty tradition, but I love it!):

Just a touch in a lamp looks great too, and draws your eye into a corner you may have missed otherwise.

Mixed in with lots of whites, natural wood tones, and silver metals, light blue keeps its cool in the kitchen (and you guys know I'm a sucker for globes).

I love how this room is awash in shades of light blue. From the wall, to the globes, to the throw pillow, to the bowl, and the glass float on the coffee table, light blue is working its calming and soothing magic.

Photos via: Ashley Whittaker, Sweetie Pie Interior Infatuations, I Suwannee, desire to inspire, decor8.