I'm in love with this party table designed by Eddie Ross. There are a few things going on here that I think would be easy to replicate:

1. A great color scheme. Eddie pulled the blues, pinks, and oranges from those vintage plates. But he made that color combo pop by bringing them to the forefront. Love the blue candles especially. So unexpected!

2. Using runners instead of a table cloth for pattern. A whole tablecloth in an amazing fabric takes dough and possibly sewing skills. Runners can be hemmed simply (or with fabric tape if you're not handy with a needle) and you need less fabric. The effect is just as stunning.

3. Brass accents. Between the candlesticks, figurines, and napkin rings, you get a lot of shine and glam for little money. Goodwill and Salvation Army always have a ton of brass because everyone looks for silver (and donated their "dated" brass). There is so much of it that it's super cheap and you can often find matching pieces. Eddie made the napkin rings from earrings found at Target.

4. Lots of flowers. Eddie  is known for gorgeous and affordable flower arrangements, and he doesn't do just one. Here almost each guest has a bouquet! And it keeps that hot pink element going across the whole table, not just in the center.

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