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EmersonMade clothing line


I KNOW. I truly believe that Emerson of the ever-lovely EmersonMade can do no wrong. After oogling her amazing style in her photoshoots for her flower accessories and drooling over her beautiful home, I was over-the-moon to hear that they are now offering limited releases of a clothing line. And it is so cute I can't stand it.

This dress? Adorable.

This polka-dot top? Slightly sheer, sexy and demure at the same time. Can't beat that.

The perfect little jacket for fall (it's not TOO early to be thinking of the changing seasons!)

And the skirts have pockets. Clearly Emerson is a girl after my own heart, because I rarely can pass up a skirt that has pockets. They are just so. much. better.

Now I don't know any pricing information but I wouldn't be shocked if these weren't "bargain" pieces. However, I do believe in investing in high quality classic pieces, and I think that these will fit that ticket.

You can get on the list by sending your measurements in to (see her blog for more info, including size chart).

Maggie Rose did not receive any payment for this rave review - or free product (unfortunately!). I am just that stoked.