Summer bag

Morning everyone! It's a little slow and quiet here in blogland thanks to us Americans who stayed up too late last night watching fireworks. I hope that my other US readers had a great Fourth of July weekend! We were feeling pretty crummy most of the weekend so we hung out on the couch, watched some movies (finally saw "Up" and really liked it) and got spicy takeout to try to sweat out the congestion. It was nice to have some downtime, but I'm almost glad it was rainy here in Seattle because I would have been bummed to miss the beautiful weather we usually have.

Anyway, since the blog world is so smitten with stripes, I thought some of you might like the new bag I got for this summer. It's from Lema Initiative, a foundation that sends the revenues of the sales back to the women who made their products - mostly bags and scarves. Blogger Bryn Dunn's brother in law is involved, and that is how I initially heard of them. Anyway, I won a giveaway a while back at Bryn's blog, and decided to expand my order just a bit with this:

It's the tote handbag in "cool grey". At first I was a little disappointed that they were (at the time) out of "azure blue" but when this one showed up it was exactly what I was hoping for! Sweet, beachy, and roomy. I've been taking it around almost every day, just tossing in the bare necessities (which is way better than the HUGE amount of stuff I usually carry). It makes even jeans and a tee shirt feel a little bit summery and just a little cooler. I love it. If you're looking for a breezy tote for the summer, I'd definitely recommend this one - style AND a good cause? Heck yes.

Maybe I'll get a picture of me actually holding it, but we'll see! We took new pictures for my "about me" page (that will be up this week today!) and I'm a little burnt out on modeling ;)

Meanwhile, be sure to check back tomorrow because I have a GIANT announcement. If you have guesses, by all means share them in the comments, but all will be revealed VERY soon. And it's almost email newsletter time - if you're not on the email list yet, sign up now!