Skirted tables

I've been loving the idea of a skirted console table lately. Think about it - beautiful fabric, clean lines, and gained hidden storage space. What's not to love? I'm thinking of trying to squeeze one under our gallery wall in the dining room to double as a buffet when we have guests over. And while we're on a strict budget right now, I may be able to fit this project in sooner rather than later. One of the extra benefits of a skirted table is that the table itself doesn't have to be all that pretty - just sturdy and level.

And just look how pretty these can be!

Here's one that works as a buffet. I love the trim on the bottom, and the glass top makes it easy to clean!

Here is one in Lonny Editor Michelle Adam's home, as a bar and storage:

And the same table in an earlier configuration that I saw on her blog, MA Belle, as a desk:

And lastly, as a tv console. The trim here is a pretty touch as well:

The skirt itself doesn't need to be expensive either. I've heard of using canvas dropcloths as curtains before, but Bryn Alexandra just posted yesterday about using one to cover an old console. It would be a similar look to those above - a beige neutral. We were at Lowe's last night and I wandered down the paint supply aisle, and sure enough, a small drop cloth in a basic canvas was only $5 (larger sizes went up to $20). Add some pretty trim like ribbon (or even fabric paint stenciled on - maybe in a Greek key?) and you could have a lovely "new" table from Craigslist looking pretty spiffy.

Don't you think I could fit one in under this picture arrangement?

Wow, that reminds me I need to take some new (non-blurry) up-to-date pictures of this room! Stay tuned for some changes we've made, and if you want to add some encouraging words on adding a skirted table, it would sure help me in making my case to Ryan that we should take on another project right now!

Photos from: Nesting Newbies, Lonny Magazine, MA Belle, So Haute, and Maggie Rose.

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