Dining inspiration

As we're diving into our Dining Room Rehab project, I'm bookmarking tons of beautiful photos and daydreaming of what could be.  And since I know you guys love pretty pictures as much as I do, I thought I'd share.

Above, I love the rustic wood, the glass cabinets for storage, and the mixed and matched chairs (oh, and the gorgeous exposed beams on the ceilings. Love that!).

In the next photo, the beautiful giant window lets in tons of natural light (even though I'm sure that pretty blue pendant gets some use too!)

I mentioned this room before (recognize that cabinet I've been drooling over? Still want it). But I'm also eying those extra-long curtains, mixed era chairs and table, and the big blue glass jug.

We're definitely going for a relaxed feel, a mix of eras and styles, and natural wood over painted wood (at least for the dining  table, which is currently in the midst of a makeover!) Since this room is the center of our house, I want to evoke the homey and warm welcoming feeling that our inspiration rooms share. Can't you imagine sweet summer breakfasts and cozy late dinner parties in all these rooms? Here's hoping that is what is in store for our refurbished dining room as well.

Photos from: Down and Out Chic, Country Living, and Young House Love.