Garden update

This is my favorite part of gardening - when the updates involve recipes!

Our sugar snap peas have been producing a ton, so we've had a few nights with just regular steamed peas. But the other night I came home to this: pork chops and sugar snap peas with a mint julep glaze. I love having a man who cooks.

It smelled so good when I walked in the house, and it was very tasty too. Fresh and summery and just slightly sweet.

So I snapped pictures, then coerced Ryan into sharing his source: epicurious. This is the recipe he used. Of course, I think the magic ingredient is the peas and mint that came from our own garden.

What about our plants that are still in the ground, you ask? The green lettuce is done (we couldn't pick it fast enough and it went to seed), the carrots are ALMOST ready to come out, and we're about to put in our tomato plant (which has a few green tomatoes on it already!). I'll take new pictures when it's all in the ground. For now, we're enjoying eating dinner from our own backyard!

I know some of you were putting in gardens too (or at least some little planter pots). How are your efforts coming along?