Dining room rehab progress!


We have been busy as beavers here at Maggie Rose Headquarters. Up to my eyeballs in paint and stain and sawdust (and multiple trips to the hardware store). I'll have a few more in-depth posts coming up for you, but I thought you might like a few sneak peeks on all the activity around here! Especially my Twitter and facebook followers who hear all the ups-and-downs along the way! The dining room rehab is well on its way and there is no turning back now!

In the dark corner, we've been seriously lightening up, by taking these...

And started out with some of this...

... but you'll have to stay tuned for the final results of that project!

Meanwhile, we've also been doing a lot of dining al fresco at our lovely patio table, thanks to our regular buddy being out of commission.

Somebody got majorly gussied up! That tutorial and full-play-by-play is coming later this week. Just have to get photos of the table back in its natural habitat (as we speak it is still curing out on the back deck).

And in the meanwhile, we've decided to make way for the expanding business and free up some space in our home office. Cause, you know, we didn't have enough going on! New pictures are coming soon! Let's just say that I'm majorly contemplating buying this print for the new design!

What have you been working on? Have you been feeling productive this summer? Or are you more like me, and one project is never enough?