An Open Floor Plan

Njeri contacted me for help with her open floor plan that spanned her living room and kitchen with a breakfast nook. She had all her major furniture pieces, but needed some advice on drapery for her nineteen foot windows (that is NOT a typo!) and wanted to inject some color and interest into the space without painting her entire two story high living room or cutting off the attached eating nook in the process. Here's the design suggestions I made:


1. One accent wall, to really put emphasis on the small angled corner wall that was just barely bigger than the fireplace it held. The fireplace was being dwarfed by the large room and furniture. An accent wall would be easy to do, easy to paint over if they decide they don't like it or decide to move in a few years.

2. I loved the idea of a geometric pattern on the looooong drapery panels to capitalize on the drama. Plus, this fabric is only $10/yard - you're not going to get much cheaper than that for a nice drapery weight.

3. An existing chair needed a new color and I love this silhouette floral pattern.

4. Some accents to tie in the color scheme.

5. A little table for extra nibbles or drinks.

6-7. She already has two great pillows like these. Adding a few more in blues, creams and browns will really make the color scheme concrete.

8. In the kitchen and dining nook, the ceiling is dropped, and the area needed a little livening up. I suggested this soft blue for the walls.

9. A few more blue accents, like a big bowl on the counter that seperates the two areas, will make the counter more decorative and discourage clutter from gathering.

10. The dining nook has a great table and chairs and undressed windows. Simple and inexpensive white sheers will make the area feel softer and will really make the blue walls pop.

You don't have to change out a lot of furniture for a big change - sometimes color and fabric can make an amazing difference! I hope we get to see a before-and-after soon!