Office Upgrade

We're much more productive around here lately because we made some necessary changes. Since expanding my little business to more edecorating clients and adding the shop, we were falling all over each other in the office. Especially with having to store inventory and shipping materials for the shop, we were simply running out of room. Not anymore!

Here's a quick refresher of how we were crammed in before:

Notice how all the furniture, even when tidied up, was crammed together? We finally came to the conclusion that it was time to get rid of the sleeper sofa. We very rarely have overnight guests and it was more of a magnet for clutter than a useful seat. So we put it up for sale on Craigslist and sold it two weeks ago. Ever since, we've been moving furniture around and doing some uncluttering.


My desk is from West Elm

The poster by my desk is from Made By Girl

The bulletin board is a DIY project that I'll post next week

The "Live What You Love" print is also from Made By Girl

The globes are from Goodwill and ebay

The storage boxes are from Ikea and See Jane Work

Both shelves are from Ikea

The two small prints above Ryan's desk are from 20x200 (my housewarming gift to him last year)

The pendant flags were a free printout from blog Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog.