Flower Arranging

Read an awesome story in the New York Times about the growing popularity of floral arranging, especially for young women.

I get my love of bouquets and flower arranging from my dad and his sisters - they all have a wonderful knack for it that I hope is hereditary!

I loved reading about the  new "loose" technique of arrangements - the author likened these modern displays as the perfect undone-bun with a few wispy strands of hair. Here are two of the arrangements made in the class featured in the article:

I love how textural these arrangements are. The article has some good tips on how they are layered, but doesn't go into specific detail. Clearly from these two bouquets, color contrast plays a major role as well. It sounds like a lot of the magic comes from a great vessel and a wide variety of flowers, herbs, and leaves to choose from and be inspired by! I can't wait to try something like this at home.