DIY Bulletin Board


I knew you guys would want some instructions on how to make your own pretty bulletin board after I posted mine - it was SO easy and pretty inexpensive. And I love that it dresses up my wall while letting me swap out inspiration pictures, cards from Ryan, and other pretties.

Here's how to get one all of your own:

Start with a plan old cork board with a frame. Mine was from Target in the back to school section and was $10.

Lay your bulletin board face down on your (ironed!) fabric. I chose a linen, and used just under a yard ($15, but you can find linen cheaper here). I wanted a neutral but textural look, but you could use a print or a colored solid. Beware of stripes, because you'll work twice as hard making sure it stays straight as you staple in place. Your fabric should be about 2-3 inches larger than your board on each side.

You can iron your piece after you cut it, which is what happened right after this picture was taken! Then you'll fold over one side and start stapling. You'll notice that my staples are onto the back of the bulletin board itself - I would actually recommend stapling into the FRAME as it is likely a bit thicker. Some of my staples were trying to poke through the front when I was done. Pull the fabric taut and staple every few inches.

When you get to the corners, you'll have a little extra fabric. It will probably look like this when you finish with your first two sides.

Take the extra fabric and tuck it under to form a point toward the center of the bulletin board, like this (then staple in place):

Once all four sides and corners are stapled, you can  flip your bulletin board over. It will look something like this:

Kind of boring, right? That's why I added the nailhead trim. I picked up a pack of 100 brass nailheads at the fabric store in the upholstery section. It was like $4 or $5. They are basically just intense thumbtacks, but the head is curved more.  I spaced them about an inch apart. They pushed in pretty easily, but after my thumb got tired I did use a hammer to lightly tap them into place. Spacing them evenly is the hardest part, but I'm no perfectionist and didn't let a couple crooked ones ruin my day. I followed the frame edge as my guide for how far in to place them (each tack went into cork, not the wooden frame). I've also seen people use a spray adhesive between the frame and fabric first to ensure a really tight, smooth fit, but I didn't have any and I don't think it's really necessary.

Then just hang according to instructions, and decorate! I had some pretty postcards around, paint swatches from our apartment, a cute card Ryan got me for Valentine's Day last year, a pretty bookmark, a calender, a vintage 45 ("Maggie Don't Leave Me" by the Vikings), and my "Dream Bigger" necklace from Jess LC. I love my new "Live What You Love" print from Made by Girl. It's a work in progress, but I love adding pretty pieces as I find them around the house.

This project took me a little more than an hour and was under $30 (could be significantly cheaper depending on your fabric choice and bulletin board size!). Do you think you'll take it on? What inspirational items will you be putting up? And what do you think for fabric - a solid or a pattern?