Mirror, mirror...

I finally had a chance to resize some of my scanned tear sheets and came across this lovely little photo that I'd saved months ago. And while I love the wingback with the nailhead trim, the real reason I saved the picture was for the sweet little mirror framed in driftwood.

In fact, after seeing this picture originally, I made Ryan take me to the beach (and this was MONTHS ago - it was not warm yet!) and hunt for small pieces of driftwood with me. We both left with cricks in our necks from staring at the sand while we walked. And since I am the Queen of half-finished projects, that driftwood is now in a ziploc bag waiting for the right mirror to frame! But when I find it, I'll be ready.

So a big thanks to my honey for putting up with my silly projects, and in fact, for helping out with them, even though you may not see the results of that work for quite some time. I love you!

Photo: It's either from House Beautiful or Country Living - anyone recognize it?

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