New Living Room Art

When I posted about our bedroom art last week I also spilled the beans on another new piece of art we finally have hanging. And now you get to see a previously unrevealed corner of our living room! The TV corner! I know it's a big designy faux pas to have your television showing, but since Ryan gets 50% say in design choices in our home, it was a non-negotiable. I am personally a non-entertainment-unit kind of gal, and we don't have the space for one anyway. So our giant (I think, it's really not that big according to Ryan) TV is in full-display. And hey, I never claimed that this was a FORMAL living room or anything. Many a game of Rock Band has been played in here.

But I digress. Our TV corner is sporting a new piece of art. And you know what, it makes the wall look taller, the TV look smaller, and the whole area of the room look a million times more put together.

To take this photo, I was perched on the arm of the sofa that you've seen in other pictures (and see below).  And if it's looking a little crooked to you, that's because the TV is set at an angle so we can actually watch it - unfortunately that was the only place the TV really fit... I was opposed to the sofa being in front of the window in this room.

The print we got was from Wall Blank - they have a lot of cool vintage prints, and the prices are very reasonable. Since buying this print we've also seen some similar National Park tourism prints at a shop in the Ballard neighborhood and we may add a second print eventually. But for now, I'm liking this one.

The frame is from Aaron Brothers, and we got it for $0.01(!) during their buy-one-get-the-second-for-a-penny sale on frames. I couldn't pass up the chunkiness of the wood. The mat was an additional $9 or so.

I love that the trees and nature scene jive so well with our natural feeling decor in the rest of the room, like the jute rug and leafy curtains. I'm on the hunt for ONE more curtain panel that matches (Ikea sells them in pairs, but I just want one for the third window in this room, to pull off to one side.

So if you're just getting the feel for the layout, the TV corner is immediately to the left of this picture. The other corner (by the window to the far left) is the "orphan corner" of odds and ends that will need to be dealt with at some point. Other projects for this room will be the eventual recovering of the wingback, new throw pillows, record album & player storage, and (in a loooong time) recovering the sofa. That's a little far out of our budget AND our DIY skills at the moment. But for now, I'm loving the new addition of our wildlife print!

What do you think? And fess up - are there corners of your home that you haven't shown on your blog? Corners of design shame? I prefer to show mine only when they are accompanied by an "after" picture!